About "Persephone"
Persephone is a 3D short film created with a team of 4 peoples in New3dge art school.
It was our graduate film.
Originally written by Marion Legoy and myself, time and restrictions driven us to revaluate the original project we had in our mind.
Persephone became a sort of trailer of the original idea. 
A young astronaut named Persephone, had a crash with her spaceship near Pluto. But when the sunlight desapear, she will face with a strange identity.
Behind the Project
All ideas have to be written then to be draw, we did a little 2D animatic to help us to see what we wanted to do.

What did I do ?
That's a great question. I did the entire face of Persephone, from the hairs, expressions, thinking of what she will look like.
For her, I did used 3Ds Max, Zbrush, Mari (texture), Ornatrix (hair) and Vray.

I also did some VFX (especially pluton fume apparition.) with 3DsMax Pflow, flumeFX, Vray VolumeGrid.

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